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VIDEO: See the ultimate crime against humanity (and Beyonce) on ‘SNL’

Andrew Garfield commits a terrible taboo and becomes a hunted man

This is the land of the free, right? Well to a certain degree anyway. There is one point of view we will not countenance, as this spoof from

Saturday Night Live

make evident.

Spider-Man's Andrew Garfield is just an ordinary guy, enjoying a birthday get-together with friends when he says something so shocking, it immediately turns him into a hunted man. His transgression: He's not crazy about "Drunk in Love", Beyonce's latest monster hit (or is that redundant).

You do not express ambivalence about the queen! Not if you value your life! He's immediately on the run from the guys in hats who chased Matt Damon around in The Adjustment Bureau. Oh wait, these guys are from the Beygency.

Watch for the scene with Jack Bauer and Chloe from 24. Ah, the worst kind of rebels: Rihanna fans. They offer Garfield a way out. "Everything you need is in a box to the left." "To the left."

But really unless your love for Beyonce is absolute, there is no way out.

You've been warned.

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