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Colbert trumps The Donald with his own Presidential debate

The faux-anchor throws his hat in the kingmaker arena

Got a few minutes? Because you're going to want to see this. Last night on The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert made manna of the news that Donald Trump planned to moderate his own debate of the Republican presidential cadidates on December 27.

Colbert turned that into a classic comedy riff. Announcing his own debate, Colbert managed to adroitly spoof Trump's unpalatable blend of outlandish ego and unwitting vulgarity. But Colbert had his settings on "fricasse" last night, tenderizing every target in the political landscape.

You take a look.

Anything Trump can do, Stephen can do better. Well, he better get to work on that unappealingly pale complexion. Chicks dig the orange glow. Right, Donald?

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