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Penn State tweets earn ESPN’s Olbermann a suspension

The ESPN sportscaster’s nasty exchanges with Penn State students and alum got him pulled from the air

What has Keith Olbermann got against Penn State? Whatever it is, he's got it bad.

On Monday night, a Happy Valley student tweeted to Olbermann, "We Are!", referring to the campus THON event, am annual dance marathon, which raised $13 million for pediatric cancer research.

Olbs finished the sentence for her, replying,  "…Pitiful"

Whoa, that was completely uncalled for. But Olbermann, who does not like being challenged, was only warming up.  Over the course of several twitter volleys with a Penn State alumni, he became more and more adamant about the mediocrity of Penn State's academic traditions.

Here's the second exchange:

He capped off his tirade with this:

ESPN announced today that Olbermann has been suspended for the rest of the week and will return to the air on Monday.

Olbermann sent an apology via Twitter:

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