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Paula Abdul walks off Kimmel show

Appearing with her 'X Factor' judges, Paula gets huffy

One thing you can say about the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!: he really watches his reality shows closely. So when he has particpants on as guests he doesn't ask them puffball generic questions. That was apparent last night when he brought on the judging panel from Fox's singing competition, The X Factor.

Kimmel turned up the heat on the Paula Abdul, who is not too stable at the best of times. Here's how she reacted:

First Kimmel had blamed her for advising fellow jurist Nicole Scherzinger last week to send the decision to Deadlock, resulting in 13-year-old Rachel Crow being eliminated over Marcus Canty, resulting in an onstage breakdown.

But it was when Kimmel suggested that the groups Paula mentored deserved to be early rejects in the competition that Paula took umbrage and stormed off. She didn't get far before Simon Cowell coaxed her back. She took a seat on Simon's lap, leading Kimmel to speculate that there just had to be something sexual going on in their relationship.

"He's a selfish lover," said Paula . "He'd be calling his own name out…I can only imagine." Simon responded, "I thought about it, but then I'd have to talk to her afterwards."

After the show, Simon tweeted, : "Just taped @jimmykimmel - Ouch! He's turned into me. Very uncomfortable, but brilliant!"

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