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Payback time for Phillies’ tase boy

Montco teen Steve Consalvi evens the score on ‘Tosh.O’

Steve Consalvi, the Montco teen who was tasered for running on the field during a Phillies' game, got his revenge last night. Comedically at least.

Consalvi was the subject of a "Web Redemption" segment on Tuesday night's Tosh.O. Comedian and show host Daniel Tosh will bring on someone who has gained widespread notoriety in an internet clip. Then he goofs on their dubious viral exploits. (The entire show will be available Wednesday morning online at

In Consalvi's case, Tosh framed it as a sketch in which he is in the same holding tank with the tasered teen. (In reality, Consalvi was put on probation with 80 hours of community service.)

After they are sprung, Tosh takes him to a fleabag motel for a jocular interview about the incident (See video of the actual tasing below).

Consalvi recalls that it was Dollar Dog Night at Citizens Park and that he had taken full advantage of the promotion.

"Hold on," says Tosh. "You had five hot dogs in you and you still ran like the wind. That's incredible."

During their talk Consalvi is wearing the same National League Champions T-shirt that he had on that night, still showing the blood stain where the taser gun hit him.

At the end, Tosh gives the teen a chance to pursue and taser a policeman (well, a guy in a policeman's uniform anyway).

Interestingly Consalvi revealed that he is not prohibited from the park and in fact has been back for a game.

"Did you even consider storming the field again to let them know they can't break your spirit," Tosh asks.

No glutton for punishment, tase boy laughs and says "No."

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