David Blaine's Real or Magic special last night on ABC was no parlor trick. He travelled around the world to astonish the famous, from President George W. to Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde to Ricky Gervais.

In this clip, he executes his icepick impaling, impossible to stop watching feat for Will Smith and family, the guys from Breaking Bad, and Kanye West. (Are Yeezy and Woody Harrelson friends?)

Hard to say whose reaction is more fall-out: Jada's or Aaron Paul's.

Actually, the best response Blaine got in the 90-minute program was from Harrison Ford. The magician shattered the actor with an incredible card trick that prompted Ford to demand in no uncertain terms, "Get the &%$# out of my house!"

But Blaine didn't even need celebrities. The best interludes were arguably when he unleashed his patented street magic on unsuspecting everyday folks. Over and over, you see people after the reveal, running away down the street, shrieking.

Presto, baby.


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