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Young Is One Happy Camper

Thaddeus Young has the look of contentment these days. Of course signing a five-year, $43 million would leave many people feeling content, but it's more than the financial security.

Young really liked being on the 76ers and never ascribed by the grass-is-always-greener on the other side theory.

"I am very happy, very relieved and this is always where I wanted to be," Young said. "I didn't want to talk to anybody because I wanted to see what Philadelphia was going to do."

Young was a restricted free agent, so the Sixers could have matched any offer, but he said that he really didn't seek other teams. If they called, fine, but he wasn't going out of his way looking for offers.

"I was happy with the deal I got here and the end of the day," Young said. "I am young and wanted to continue my career here."

Make no mistake, Young has a high profile throughout the NBA. Remember last year when New Jersey Nets coach Avery Johnson called Young the Sixers' MVP.

Young just turned 23 in June and is already entering his fifth season.

Last year wasn't his best statistically, at least in terms of points per game, but it was the best of his four seasons.

He averaged 12.7 points but shot a career best 54.1 percent from the field.

Along with Lou Williams and Evan Turner, he will give the Sixers one of the better benches in the NBA.

And there is so much room for growth. Young's medium range game continues to improve. Now teams must defend him on the perimeter instead of laying back in fear that he will take it to the basket.

"The biggest thing is my confidence level is extremely high with each jumper I take," He said. "Everyone I take feels good."

Most of all, it feels good to Young that those jumpers will be taken in Philadelphia, a place he had no plans of leaving and it shows by his performance.