We'll be chatting this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. if anyone has some time. Seems like a good time to discuss the past, present, and future .... just like a Christmas Carol.

Past: That Pacers game. This one is still painful to think about. It would be much more pleasant for the Sixers to be 13-14 right now, rather than 12-15.

Present: This Celtics game. Celtics are the best team in the NBA, yet again. 18-game winning streak. 26-2 record. 16-1 at home. If you want to read about the records they could break tonight with a victory, click here: Celtics story.

Future: This 2008-09 season, and what it might hold for the 76ers. On the immediate horizon is this 6-game road trip, which occurs mostly on the West Coast, but begins tonight in Boston. It's a daunting trip. Realistically, the Sixers will return with, at most, two, outside chance of three, wins. And after that, you have to look at the return of Elton Brand and wonder how much longer it will take the Sixers to re-work him back into the schemes. This team, like Brand's shoulder, is facing a disjointed time.

If you have a minute, click here: Sixers Chat.