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He's Back!

There's more energy tonight inside the Wachovia Center than any previous night. And if you're watching at home, you saw it on Comcast. But there's something different about actually being inside this arena and hearing the reaction of the crowd upon hearing Iverson's introduction. I took video of the moment and the sound, so if you want to check it out, it's in the Deep Sixer video player below on the right. Since nothing I write could do it justice.

Iverson was announced second-to-last in the starting introductions, leaving the final spot to Andre Iguodala, to whom it's belonged since Iverson left in 2006.

As the clock dwindled towards the starting introductions, Sixers staff showed a montage of Iverson moments over which Iverson talked about Philly, what the fans mean to him, and what playing in Philly meant to him.

During the National Anthem, each time the camera cut to Iverson in his warmups, the crowd exploded.

And now for the next chapter ... the actual game ...