Here's the latest news concerning the 76ers and former star point guard Allen Iverson, or rather, the latest suspension in news. We're here in San Antonio -- the Sixers play the Spurs in about 35 minutes -- and just left the Sixers locker room. The discussion, obviously, centered around yesterday's news that the team is considering Iverson as a replacement for starting point guard Lou Williams, who is out 8 weeks with a broken jaw.

Sixers coach Eddie Jordan said that he had no plans to fly to Atlanta to meet with Iverson, which had been speculated in various news outlets. Jordan said he had no knowledge of Iverson coming to where the Sixers are, to meet with them, either. Jordan made it clear Iverson, while clearly "intriguing" was just one of a handful of potential free-agents the team is considering. Jordan said the team has also talked about Antonio Daniels, as previously reported, and Jerry Stackhouse.

"He's intriguing to talk about in the media, with friends, with fans, with your mom, with your sister. Right now we're concentrating on playing tonight. I have not been oversaturated with Allen Iverson in my mind or in conversation with our front office. It's like any other free agent out there, we've talked about a number of people. I know he's the most intriguing one. But there's equal responsibility and doing your due diligence with anybody that's out there -- if we feel fit to bring someone in. Right now there hasn't been a button that we've pushed to bring someone in."

Andre Iguodala said the following about bringing back AI: "With the situation we're in, we can always try to improve. A guy like that could really help us out, you know? Just the caliber player he is, he could come in and help us."

Willie Green said: "Hopefully, if something does happen, it could rally our team and we could make a true playoff run."

Sixers will be without Elton Brand again tonight. Jordan said Brand might rally at the 11th hour to play, but if he did, he would likely then be out for tomorrow night's game against the Dallas Mavericks. More likely, Brand will be out tonight and then, according to Jordan, be available for the last 3 games of this road trip.

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