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Video of alleged second Okafor fight surfaces

Jahlil Okafor's night in Boston might have been worse than first reported, because of an alleged second video obtained and published Wednesday by the website TMZ.

In the second video, the 76ers rookie is seen walking down a Boston street in the early hours Thursday while being heckled by Bostonians.  Okafor then trades insults saying, 'We got money … you broke-ass [expletive] ... Money' while his friends attempt to hold him back and direct him away from the hecklers.

Okafor runs in the street yelling 'What's up then? What's up then?" to a heckler and throws a punch at him. Moments later, you can see a man knocked to the ground. He has a gash on the left side of his face. As the guy lies face-down on the sidewalk, someone yells to him, "You disrespected one of the  best players in the NBA."  The heckler's friends keep saying  "Jahlil Okafor."

The alleged victim, who's doesn't want to be identified, is threatening a lawsuit.  His lawyer, Michelle Newton told TMZ the victim is a 27-year-old executive assistant and Boston resident.  Newton told website that her victim is positive that Okafor was indeed the person who knocked him out.  She said her client needed 10 stitches to close the gash.

They have yet to file paperwork for a lawsuit. But one could be pending if they don't settle out of court.

Officer Rachel McGuire of the Boston Police Department said in a phone interview Wednesday that police are unaware of a second video.  But she encouraged alleged victims to file a police report or show police the video.

The police are investigating Okafor's involvement in another fight  that morning outside the Storyville Nightclub in Boston's Back Bay, caught on video hours after the Sixers' Nov. 25 loss to the Boston Celtics.

In another incident, a gun was pointed at the 19-year-old's head on Oct. 4 near Second and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia, five people told The Inquirer. The suspect got away, according to a U.S. Park Service police report.

In an unrelated incident, Okafor also received two citations after being pulled over for driving 108 m.p.h. on the Ben Franklin Bridge. He was cited for reckless driving and driving at an excessive rate of speed on Oct.19.

The Sixers confirmed that  the 6-foot-11, 265-pounder will be accompanied by a body guard when he goes out from now on.

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