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Video: Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala

After last night's blowout loss to the Orlando Magic, 76ers coach Eddie Jordan didn't have a whole lot of nice things to say about his team. If you're looking for the quotes from last night, scroll down a little on the blog and you'll see a post from last night.

This afternoon at practice, Jordan didn't exactly step away from his words. Here's one of Jordan's quotes from this afternoon: "Sometimes you control your emotions and sometimes you try and sometimes there's temporary insanity along the line. I just felt that with the team we played last night, with the history with that team, and the results were close to being the same way. And I mean the spirit that was lacking …  and [ability] to respond to a good team when they are kicking your butt. It was the same sort of thing and somewhere along the line we all have to stand up and not take a beating anymore and move forward and it was almost like the same thing repeating itself."

Jordan said he wasn't calling anyone out in particular. Here's another Jordan quote from this afternoon: "They're a better team than we are, but still when you're getting your butt kicked you have to bring some sort of confrontation back to them, somehow, and we didn't do it."

We asked Jordan if, when he took the job, he thought this team would have more resolve and a better demeanor. He paused for a second, said he needed to think about the question, and then answered as such: "I think that I try to talk to them in terms of what we need to have to be competitive and maybe sometimes it's slow to come out, maybe it won't come out. It certainly hasn't been as much as I hoped it would be."

Jordan said he addressed the team during today's practice about what he said last night. Asked if the communication was a two-way street, Jordan said, "No, they didn't have anything to say."

As for the players, they seemed much more accepting of Jordan's words one day later. Much of the talk was about Allen Iverson and how his absence might affect the team going forward, but when asked about Jordan's words from after the game, both Iguodala and Williams were diplomatic. You can check out both Iguodala's video and Williams' video in the Deep Sixer video player below on the right. Williams even mentions something about the team still striving for the playoffs ... but we won't go there right now.

Here's the news coming out of practice today: Elton Brand (right Achilles tendinitis) did not travel with the team to Atlanta this afternoon. Brand had an MRI on the injury: The MRI showed no tear and no degeneration in that right Achilles. So, in a way, that's good news. Brand is officially listed as day-to-day ... Jordan was asked if there was any chance Iverson might come back for next season and Jordan said, quite simply, "No."