When I called Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. today to ask about a fight in Chester last night that reportedly involved 100 people, his first response was "We've had bigger."

Still, the facts surrounding this brawl are disturbing:

Police were called to a fight involving 100 people in Chester's Sun Village section last night that resulted in the arrest of 10 people between the ages of 15 and 39 for charges including aggravated assault on police, said Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr.

Cops were called to Johnson Street near White around 7 p.m. for a report of a large fight on the street. The origin of the fight and the motivation behind it are not known but there were about 100 people involved, Bail said.

The crowd included adults and juveniles and possibly even one parent with her daughter, police said. No one in the crowd was armed, but several officers were struck, kick and punched while trying to break up the fight, Bail said.

It took cops about 25 minutes to get the fight under control, Bail said. When the smoke cleared, police arrested 10 adults and juveniles ages 15 to 39 for charges from ranging from disorderly conduct to aggravated assault on police, Bail said.

"When you end up seeing people in that age category involved in the fight you really have to wonder what are the rest of the kids looking at," Bail said. "You see why some of the kids act the way they do."