Oh heli no!

A prisoner who was secured to a hospital bed in double locked handcuffs at Crozer-Chester Medical Center this weekend was able to escape his restraints and flee the hospital from its helicopter landing pad, according to court documents.

When Drakkar Green, 20, of Chester, was taken in to custody Saturday on an outstanding warrant, he complained of severe head pain and asked to see a doctor, police said.

He was taken to Crozer-Chester around 5:30 p.m., where he was secured to the metal rails of a hospital bed with double-locked handcuffs, police said.

By some Houdini-like means, Green was able to escape from the cuffs and flee his room, court documents said. Since police supervisors did not immediately return calls for comment, it's unknown whether or not Green was under police guard at the time of his escape.

Hospital surveillance video showed that Green allegedly left his room and accessed an elevator that opened to the building's helipad. From there, he was able to escape, although it's unknown if he jumped or climbed down from the landing pad.

Anyone with information on Green's whereabouts is asked to call Chester Police Detective James Nolan at 610-447-8429.

Green, who has numerous prior convictions for burglary, theft, terroristic threats and other offenses, will be charged with escape and flight to avoid apprehension when, and if, he's captured.