Here's one out of Delco's neighbor, the fine state of Delaware.

A 63-year-old Long Neck, Del., woman awoke Tuesday morning to find a strange surprise on her couch - a sleeping, drunken 29-year-old man, according to police.

The woman told the napper, Bradley Furchak of Millsboro, that she was going to call police and he left the house running with a beer can in his hand, police said.

It's not clear whether Furchak brought his own beer to the house or whether he stole it from the resident, however, police said the victim discovered that Furchack had downed more than just one brew while crashing at her house.

While canvassing the neighborhood, police said they found Furchak walking along a road, still enjoying his beer. Even after he spotted police, Furchak kept on sipping away, authorities said.

Fruchak was arrested and aside from the beer, he had on him six pills, including Codeine, that were not prescribed to him, police said.

He was charged with burglary, theft, drug possession, being drunk on a highway and related charges. Police said Furchak gained entry to the victim's home by cutting a screen on her porch.