... and apparently Larry Mendte is along for the ride.

Former Delaware County Congressman Curt Weldon writes in a New York Times op-ed that he is in Libya to persuade Moammar Gadhafi to step down. Weldon, who served 10 terms and was vice chair of the House Armed Services Committee, was defeated in 2006 amid a federal influence-peddling probe that never resulted in any charges. He visited Libya in 2004 (see photo) and writes in the NYT:

Seven years later I am back in Libya, this time on a much different mission, as the leader of a small private delegation, at the invitation of Colonel Qaddafi's chief of staff and with the knowledge of the Obama administration and members of Congress from both parties. Our purpose is to meet with Colonel Qaddafi today and persuade him to step aside.

There is no question that America should play a critical role in helping the Libyans build a new government. Sadly, in the years since my first trip, Washington has squandered many opportunities to achieve that goal without bloodshed. And unless we begin to engage with the country's leaders — even those close to Colonel Qaddafi — we may again lose our chance to help build a new Libya.

Maybe Will Bunch wasn't kidding with this headline: "Delco reaches peace deal with Libya." Politico is also on the story. I'm sending an email to my globetrotting ex-congressman, who has been dabbling in biotechnology in between ending wars, and will let you know if I hear back from him with any updates.

Also, Weldon seems to have a spokesman again.