If this keeps up, Delaware County could see an influx of potheads making a pilgrimage to this magical land called "Upper Darby," where bricks of marijuana are delivered straight to your doorstep. Free of charge.

Yep, it happened again. For the second time this month, a 5-pound brick of weed was delivered to an unsuspecting resident, according to Linda Reilly, the township's ace crime reporter. Right behind the police station, no less!

"All wrapped up, nice and pretty," said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. He said the wrapping was covered with some type of lube and vinegar to conceal the marijuana scent. Which is smart, right?

"They went to more sophisticated lengths" than the previous pot shippers, Chitwood said. It's unclear whether the same person sent both packages, but both had return addresses in Arizona.

"Who knows? The packaging and delivery service was different. The only thing in common is Arizona and Upper Darby," Chitwood said. "If two packages were found, how many more got through?"

The family, which was waiting for a delivery from Sears, turned the pot over to police. But that's not what most of you would do, is it?