A would-be robber carrying a replica gun was shot and killed by the man he tried to rob in Cobbs Creek Park on Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said the 67-year-old victim was walking in the park when he heard someone behind him and turned around to find a masked man pointing what he believed was a gun in his face.

The victim grabbed the robber's gun and the two struggled, police said. As the victim felt himself falling back, he pulled out his legally-owned weapon, for which he has a concealed carry permit, and shot the robber one time, Chitwood said.

Following the shooting, the victim said he saw another man hiding in nearby bushes who ran away. The victim then walked to 63rd and Catherine streets and called police. He was transported to Delaware County Memorial Hospital for chest pains.

The robber, who police have not yet been able to identify, was pronounced dead on the scene. Police determined the gun he was carrying was a replica.

Chitwood said he does not expect any criminal charges against the victim.

"He seems like a good guy," Chitwood said. "He certainly wasn't out looking to shoot anybody today."