The man charged with killing Melissa Ketunuti, a doctor at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, exposed himself while driving on I-95 in Bensalem last year, according to court documents.

Jason Smith, a 36-year-old exterminator from Levittown, has little on his criminal background and nothing that would indicate he was capable of the violence he's alleged of committing on Jan. 21 in Ketunuti's Center City home.

He's got a driving under the influence arrest from 2004 that was for a combination of drugs and alcohol and he has several minor traffic violations.

My colleagues and I have also been interested in a disorderly conduct charge that kept showing up on his background, because the charge was for obscene language or gestures.

We had trouble determining where the case originated from though, but while I was working on this profile of Smith yesterday, I found the court docket.

This morning, I called and spoke with a court clerk at one of Bensalem's two magisterial district courts, where the charge was filed. The clerk said it was just a citation, but according to the citation, Smith received the disorderly conduct charge for "exposing himself while traveling on the highway during a road rage incident" on I-95 in Bensalem on March 16.

She had no further information on the case, which was handled by state police. I have put in a call to state police to try to get more information about the incident.

On April 12, Smith pleaded guilty to that single charge of disorderly conduct for obscene language or gestures, according to court documents, but it's not clear what penalties he faced.