I was stunned and saddened earlier today when I saw a story in our paper about former City Paper managing editor Brian Hickey being critically injured in a hit-and-run accident in South Jersey.

Collingswood police told DN reporters Jason Nark and Kitty Caparella that Brian, 35, was struck on North Atlantic Avenue Friday night near a PATCO stop. He was found unconscious and bloodied on the roadway. No arrests have been made in the case thus far. Brian's wife, Angela, said he had gone out to meet some old high school pals at a local Tavern the night he was injured.

I got to know Brian a little bit a few years ago when we each did a run of stories on gritty crimes in seedy places; me, on a strip club regular who killed himself, and Brian on a series of prostitute murders in Atlantic City. He's a good guy who cares an awful lot about this city -- something you could always tell from the work he did at City Paper and Philly Weekly.

Click here to read more about the hit-and-run crash. In the meantime, our thoughts are with Brian and his family during this difficult time.