A fired Philadelphia police lieutenant who was awaiting a preliminary hearing on aggravated assault charges next Friday was found dead in his home this week, according to sources.

George Holcombe, 42, served as a cop for 23 years, from 1991 until he was fired from the force in November. The cause and manner of his death remain unknown. A police spokeswoman declined to comment.

In January, Holcombe was the subject of a Daily News cover story.

After years of emotional abuse against his ex-girlfriend, who had filed several PFAs against him, Holcombe was arrested in November after threatening to kill her in front of one of their sons and two police officers during a custodial dispute. Holcombe was also charged with assaulting one of those responding officers during the dispute and with endangering the welfare of his child.

The entire incident was captured on cell phone video and Holcombe was fired from the department.

However, a judge dismissed all charges against Holcombe except for disorderly conduct at a preliminary hearing in January. The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office opted to refile all charges against him, and after two prior hearing dates, both of which were continued, Holcombe was slated for his new preliminary hearing on March 20.

He leaves behind two young sons.