Firefighters responded to a blaze on M Street near Luzerne at about 7 p.m., which temporarily shut down traffic on M Street between Luzerne and Lycoming in Juniata.

There were no reported injuries in the house fire, officials said, and neighbors said it was quickly brought under control.

Many of them were outside watching firefighters bring the blaze under control, some craned their necks out of the windows of their row homes while the smell of smoke lingered over the neighborhood.

About 40 minutes after firefighters responded to the area, officials were unable to specify exactly where the blaze began.

Juan Romero was visiting his brother next door to the two-story, brick and clapboard home where the fire started.

He said it took less than a minute after hearing that the house next door was on fire before smoke began seeping into his brother's basement.

"The good thing is that they didn't have to carry anybody out of there," Romero said, glancing at the home where the fire began.