Update: Police now say the victim was found fully-clothed with no apparent signs of blunt-force trauma or strangulation. They believe the death is the result of a drug overdose and that the victim had been dead in the building for some time. Still, because of its close proximity to the location of the previous stranglings, homicide investigators are handling the case and the death will be considered suspicious until the Medical Examiner's Office makes its findings, said Lt. Ray Evers, police spokesman.


Police said another woman was found dead in an abandoned house in Kensington late this morning, though there was no word yet if her death could be linked to the Kensington Strangler.

The woman, a white female in her late 20s, was found dead in the house on Sterner Street near Jasper at 11 a.m., police said. The cause and manner of her death is not yet known.

A single, unknown man - labeled by the media and the public as the Kensington Strangler - has been connected by DNA evidence to  the stranglings of three women at abandoned properties in Kensington since Nov. 3. The last victim was discovered on Dec. 15.

Today's victim was found just three blocks away from where the Strangler's first victim, Elaine Goldberg, 21, was found strangled in an abandoned lot on Ruth Street near Hart Lane on Nov. 3. Today's scene is also less than a mile from where Nicole Piacentini, 35, was found on Nov. 13 at Cumberland Street near Jasper and where Casey Mahoney, 27, was found on Front Street near Tusculum on Dec. 15.

All three of the victims whose murders have been tied through DNA were white women between 21 and 35.