The Medical Examiner's Office and the Police Department are now in agreement: The Jan. 26 death of Ellen Rae Greenberg was a suicide.

The two city agencies initially had disagreed publicly about the nature of the 27-year-old's death.

Greenberg, a first-grade teacher at Juniata Park Academy, was found by her fiance in their Roxborough condo with several stab wounds to her upper body.

The following day, the M.E.'s office ruled her death a homicide, while police said they believed she had committed suicide.

In the weeks that followed, homicide investigators noted that they had found no evidence that someone had killed Greenberg — no sign of forced entry into her apartment, and no forensic evidence to put another person in the room with her.

Police officials stressed that they did not think a killer was on the loose, and intimated that the M.E.'s ruling might have been premature.

On Tuesday, a police source said, the M.E.'s office contacted homicide detectives and told them the office had changed its ruling.

Health Department spokesman Jeff Moran confirmed tonight that the office now believes Greenberg committed suicide.