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Who Says He Can't Act?

Terrell Owens tells NBC-10 he'd take Donovan McNabb over Tony Romo, as an actor. He then extolls DMac's fun persona.

Somehow, I failed to make a priority of Terrell Owens' sitcom appearance last week. Then again, T.O. apparently also neglected to make it much of a priority, according to this quote he gave the Dallas Morning News: "I had access to the script, but I didn't actually read it," T.O. said of his appearance on Under One Roof. "I kind of get bored reading stuff, so I just kind of breezed through my parts."

Even more amusing was the NBC-10 interview with T.O., in which he was asked whether Donovan McNabb or Tony Romo was the better actor. Oozing sincerity, Owens gave McNabb the nod. Kudos to for the clip link

If I could talk to my old friend T.O. right now, I'd ask him what he makes of Jeff Garcia wanting a new contract after one year in Tampa. I mean, who thinks they can get their contract torn up after just one season? Really, the nerve.

All in all, its a slowish day in Eagle Nation. So slow that BountyBowl  is going all grammar/usage Nazi on one of Dave Spadaro's much-abused minions. It'll be interesting to see how many people get his dig ... If you, too, were an English major, here's a link to a very special T-shirt. Wear it proudly to the first preseason game and people will shrink from you in fear.