Yes, that's Nicholas "Sixx" King, a black man, dressed in a KKK costume. You may have seen him around town before. Maybe even Thursday on the Drudge Report. A 2010 Daily News Sexy Single, he's infamous for photo bombing the 2003 Grammy Awards.

A self-styled relationship expert, he has written a relationship book that he published himself and also blogged a bit on the topic for Essence magazine.

His latest project is a documentary about gun violence called "Mothers of No Tomorrow."

King's point is that comparatively speaking, African Americans have murdered more blacks than the Ku Klux Klan did.

I have a column in the works about King scheduled to run in the Daily News next week in which I'll find out what's next for this local provocateur.

Meanwhile, his get-up was intended to shine a spotlight on black on black violence. What do you think of the point he's making? Is it a valid one? Or do you think his shock tactics obfuscated his point?