Thatta girl, Barbie.

I always knew there was a reason why Barbie, the ultimate diva doll, has been around for so many decades outlasting Skipper and so many other has beens.  But I thought it had more to do with her glittery, ever-expanding wardrobe and her pink Dream House than her maneuvering skills..

A federal judge has banned MGA Entertainment from manufacturing and selling the rival Bratz doll line.  "It's a pretty sweeping victory," Mattel attorney Michael Zeller said. "They have no right to use Bratz for any goods or services at all."

Turns out that the designer for the Bratz doll developed it while working for Mattel.

MGA, which plans to appeal, has until the holiday season ends to remove the doe-eyed, big-headed dolls  from store shelves.

Meanwhile, score another one for Barbie. Once again she's shown the world once again that she's not completely  plastic. And she didn't need any help from Ken either.