This soul-stirring photo of Pres. Obama and his wife Michelle taken at a campaign rally in August is the most Tweeted photo ever.

It went viral on election night after Obama campaign staffers released it with the words, "Four more years." But it's not just Democrats who are gushing. A lot of Republicans are smitten with it as well. One commenter on, wrote,  "I didn't vote for Obama, regardless, this image is truly endearing."

Politics aside, I love the subliminal messages it sends about modern male-female relationships and how the Obamas' union is a marriage of equals. Notice how he doesn't tower over his wife the way presidents normally do their first ladies. In the photo, they're neck and neck. Barack has his arms around the first lady's compact (from all that working out) waist and her much-ballyhooed arms are wrapped around his neck. Michelle meets him head on physically, intellectually and otherwise. She, too, is a Harvard-trained attorney and I'm reminded of how she was once his boss at the law firm where they both worked. Working women love a man who's not initimidated by their success.

But back to the photo. This isn't some corny, staged photo op. There's intensity in that hug. How often do you see that with politicians? A lot of times they just look awkward. Also, you can't see Michelle's face in this photo but you can see Barack's. His expression radiates love but also gratitude. It's priceless.