My column in today's Daily News is on the fate of children who star in reality TV shows. Are they being exploited or are critics of shows such as "Jon & Kate Plus 8" making too much out of nothing? One of my favorite financial gurus, Suze Orman, recently waded into the debate. And here's what she told Predicto TV:

"Here's the thing. I get that—the kids are telling the aunts, the uncles, that they don't like the cameras, things like that. I don't think they're violating child labor laws. I think if anything, a lot of money's coming in that's setting those kids up for the rest of their lives. So I don't know: a few cameras here, to show the kids; lots of millions of dollars to send the kids to school for the rest of their lives—versus student loans? I don't know, maybe when those kids get older they'll say "Mom, thank you so very much!" To tell you the truth, I don't have clue. But I don't watch the show. And ask me if I'm ever going to watch..."