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Suze Orman on Money and the Gosselins

Suze Orman on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" saga.

My column in today's Daily News is on the fate of children who star in reality TV shows. Are they being exploited or are critics of shows such as "Jon & Kate Plus 8" making too much out of nothing? One of my favorite financial gurus, Suze Orman, recently waded into the debate. And here's what she told Predicto TV:

"Here's the thing. I get that—the kids are telling the aunts, the uncles, that they don't like the cameras, things like that. I don't think they're violating child labor laws. I think if anything, a lot of money's coming in that's setting those kids up for the rest of their lives. So I don't know: a few cameras here, to show the kids; lots of millions of dollars to send the kids to school for the rest of their lives—versus student loans? I don't know, maybe when those kids get older they'll say "Mom, thank you so very much!" To tell you the truth, I don't have clue. But I don't watch the show. And ask me if I'm ever going to watch..."