Did TV learn nothing from Geraldo Rivera's on-air opening of Al Capone's largely empty vault?

Apparently not.

Discovery Channel offshoot Destination America is looking to make a little noise this Halloween with an Oct. 30 special it's calling "Exorcism: Live!"

The show will take place at the supposedly still haunted house in suburban St. Louis where the 1949 exorcism took place that inspired "The Exorcist." It will feature not a Roman Catholic priest but the cast of "Ghost Asylum" (who call themselves the Tennessee Wraith Chasers) as well as "world-renowned psychic medium Chip Coffey."

"As we step into one of the most haunted and well-known spirit destinations in America, 'Exorcism: Live!'  will show exactly what is inside this infamous, highly dangerous and possessed home." said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America, in a prepared statement. "By actually exorcising this iconic house live, Destination America will do what it does best -- bringing never before seen experiences to television."

Or, you know, not.