Hey, look at me everybody, I have a certificate!

I had almost forgotten that a few years back I signed up to get a portion of my PECO electricity from wind power. The other day I received a mailing from PECOWIND patting me on the back and including a certificate that I could detach and, I guess, frame and hang on my wall. Look -- 2,400 Kilowatt-Hours from wind, however much that is!

In all seriousness, I do think it's a good idea for PECO to incentivize "good behavior," and the company has a right to crow that the U.S. Department of Energy named it one of the top five green power programs in the country. But dude, a certificate? Attached to a letter, both on heavy cardstock paper? That may or may not (no indication given) even be recycled? Seems like a little bit of dissonance there.

If the company is going to send out certificates next year, I'll submit my suggestion now, which is that they reward us all with gift certificates. To some "green"-oriented business, of course. Not a lot - say, ten or twenty bucks - but enough so you don't feel so silly opening this piece of mail.  PECO, here's where I'd like mine made out to. Thanks!