Maybe you're going to see The A-Team this weekend, and maybe not. It's certainly getting what might be called mixed reviews. But you can't go wrong with the Green Team.

Specifically, the Bright Green Clean Team, an initiative sponsored by Safeway enlisting volunteers to clean up key areas in various towns using green home-care products. They'll be at Reading Terminal Market on Saturday (yes, tomrorrow) from 9 am to 6 pm, and at the Camden Aquarium on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. This will be the second of their 7-city "clean-up campaign."

The folks behind this did a similar campaign last year, but this year the tour has expanded to include a special drawing for a comprehensive clean-up day for a local school in each of the seven markets. You can readthe rules for this drawing here. The press release assures us that "All on-site participants will receive free samples of BRIGHT GREEN™ cleaning products," so if helping to get parts of Philly (OK, the Greater Philly Metropolitan Area) cleaned up isn't enough incentive, maybe the free stuff will be.

Either way, it should be a fine weekend. Blogging will be light - if not necessarily Bright - next week.