What a blast it was to hang out yesterday with the awesome members of the West Philly Hybrid X Team, whom I wrote about in today's Daily News and have written about in the past. The kids are all students in West Philadelphia High School's Academy of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, and they have a real shot at winning the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize – a contest aimed at spurring new green automotive technology.

The $10 million international competition invites teams to design and build an affordable, alternative-energy car that gets 100 miles per gallon and can be mass-produced. Entrants must also must submit a business plan detailing where and how the car will be made and marketed.

The competition will award $5 million for the best four-door economy car; $2.5 million each will go to two winners in a two-seater category. West Philly submitted applications in both classes.

While 111 hopeful teams entered the competition, only 22 remain after a series of grueling elimination rounds. The West Philly Hybrid X Team is one of them.

To meet some of the team members and their Pied Piper-esque founder, the amazing Simon Hauger, click on the video below.

You heard it here first: These people are going to change the way we drive.