This was on our Editorials page today, but it's really a note to keep you informed about a meeting, along with those to come, that will be of interest to those who care about the city's parks - hopefully a good portion of Earth to Philly readers...

THE CITIZENS of Philadelphia have had lots of opportunities to contemplate their parks; for the past seven years, we've had a robust conversation about how our parks and recreation facilities should be governed. That conversation has led to action: Voters last year approved a major change in the structure of parks and rec.

But that conversation is far from over. In fact, in many ways, the debate over what we want from our parks, open spaces and recreational facilities is just beginning. And Mayor Nutter's Greenworks plan, which calls for adding 500 acres of public space to the city, kicks that debate to a new level. Tonight, the city, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Penn Praxis hold the first of six public meetings to explore what our citizens want from the city's public parks and open spaces. That includes both specific ideas of how individual spaces can be designed to the more philosophical questions of what a 21st-century park should be.

Tonight's gathering begins at 6:30 at the Sheet Metal Workers Union, 1301 S. Columbus Blvd. Future meetings will be held around the city. You can find the full schedule at or by calling 215-683-3666.