In our last post we tipped you to a few potential stocking-stuffers for the eco-minded on your list. Those were all oriented around technology. Here's one you can give to anybody who's trying to keep up with the New Rules of Environmental Consciousness, but especially those who are parents.

As you might have gleaned from its cheeky title, Paige Wolf's Spit That Out! The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt is too wry to be a straightforward how-to guide, yet it does have plenty of good tips on maintaining our sanity in a world where we're supposed to keep track of our impact in every possible direction - a task that becomes even crazier when you add raising children into the mix (she's a new mother herself). It's important to remember, she says, that while "perfect" is impossible, we can all do "better."

Earth to Philly attended Paige Wolf's launch party - or at least, I did, as an authorized Earth to Philly representative - at Arcadia Boutique in Northern Liberties and took a couple minutes for a recorded chat, which we've turned into this 5-minute podcast.

One addendum occurred to me in listening back to this - I mention walking down Spring Garden Street because the traffic was so ridiculously stymied by the snowfall (remember last Thursday's snowfall?) and recount how by the time I got to 2nd Street the bus was nowhere in sight. To be clear, it had not yet caught up with me, and was in fact more than five blocks back. That's how out of control the traffic situation was. Which was fine - it was a great night for a walk in the snow, what little of it there was.