Quick post before heading out the door for the weekend... usually this is Laurie Conrad's beat, but I have a feeling she may be all toaded out now that we're working down to the teeny-tiny level... from Gloria Campisi in today's paper

Beware of tiny toads in Upper Roxborough

You may not have thought this - if you thought at all about baby toads so small they can perch on a fingernail.

But toadlets are "amazing daredevils."

That eyewitness description is provided by Lisa Levinson, coordinator of the Toad Detour, which for the past several years has been helping adult toads every March to cross Eva Street and Port Royal Avenue to mate at a nearby reservoir in Upper Roxborough.

This year, Toad Detour volunteers are also looking out for the fruit of that endeavor, tiny toadlets hatched at the reservoir, as the amphibians as small as spiders make their way back across the roads to their home in the nearby woods.

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