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A short quiz in honor of a biologist blogger

Tomorrow, biologist and writer PZ Myers will help Philadelphia celebrate the last Friday the 13th before the alleged apocalypse coming on the 21st. Myers is famous for is blog Pharyngula. And what the heck is a pharyngula?

Biologist and writer PZ Myers will be in Philadelphia to help celebrate Friday the 13th at an anti-superstition party thrown by the Freethought Society. More details here. His irreverent and colorful science blog, Pharyngula, is one of the most popular on the web.

What's a pharyngula? That's a good question, and I thought it would behoove me to find out before he arrives. So try the accompanying quiz.

Extra credit points go to anyone who can figure out which three wrong answers refer to real things with proper biological names and which two I just made up.