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Higgs the Cat on the Higgs: “Proof” of “God Particle”??

Scientist may announce a superposition of a discovery and a non-discovery of the Higgs particle. Will Higgs win his bet?

Hi. Higgs here. Last week I placed a bet that physicists were going to announce the discovery of the Higgs Boson on July 4. I'm worried it's going to be impossible to tell if I won my bet or not because the physicists are getting all waffly about whether they're going to announce a discovery or just an almost discovery or a non-discovery that everyone is going to consider a discovery. IMHO they should keep quiet until they have something a little more concrete, but apparently they can't help themselves.

It looks like it might be a discovery and not a discovery at the same time – much like the situation Schrödinger's dog – that thought experiment in which the physicist puts his dog in a box and it becomes a superposition of a live dog and a dead dog. I wonder if this means I win and lose at the same time and get a superposition of a treat and not a treat.
BTW, I don't care much for the term God particle. It really doesn't have much to do with God. For one thing, this particle apparently really exists. ; ) Okay, time to return to my slumbers. Thanks for letting me express my views – Higgs.

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