Welcome to our brand new Planet of the Apes blog. Here we plan to keep up a lively discussion of all issues related to evolution.

We'll be looking into the ways that evolution shapes our dietary needs, our health problems, and our behavior. We'll discuss the evolution of altruism, cooperation, monogamy and promiscuity. We'll look at ways the human race is still evolving. We'll also delve into the relationship between science and religion. Sometimes those issues will take is back into our 4 billion years of evolutionary history.

This is a joint effort between me (Faye) and artist Tony Auth, who will use illustration to advance our discussion topics.

The blog will accompany a new column, also called Planet of the Apes, which will appear most Mondays in the Philadelphia Inquirer's Health and Science section. This week's topic for discussion: Our relationships with our closest evolutionary cousins. Look for it here on Monday.