Just a quick note to the posters, like Icee, who have a problem grasping the fundamental principle that the Justice Department doesn't have 'discretion' to defend those laws it 'likes.'

'Defending' and 'enforcing' are essentially the same thing with respect to DOMA, because a failure to defend indicates an unwillingness to enforce (as in, if someone sues the feds for refusing to give his/her spouse social security benefits and the government refuses to defend itself in a court of law, a very savvy judge could enter a decision against the plaintiff by default...in which case, yippee! DOMA bites the dust, at least on that issue)

Icee, my friend, (or if you prefer, Mr./Ms. Icee) there is no getting around the fact that by publicly disavowing a law that was passed under a Democratic President and which has never been found to be unconstitutional (just because Obama and Holder 'feel' it is doesn't make it so) this administration has stuck its finger in the eye of Americans who believe in the rule of law.

Case closed.