“Choice” is a dangerous thing.  Once you give it over, you can’t control it.  That's because choice is subjective, and who are we to say that one person’s choice is wrong while another’s is perfectly acceptable?  Laws can’t do it, at least not American laws which place autonomy and individual freedom at the pinnacle of our value pyramid.  People can’t always be trusted to make the best choices either, as we’ve seen from Lady Gaga and her sartorial style.
That’s why anyone who says they support a woman’s ‘right to choose’ has to be prepared to defend one particularly disgusting manifestation of that right-sex selective abortions.  As Steven W. Mosher notes in National Review, the scourge which has long been a part of the Third World culture has come home to the United States, where immigrant women (and those who have grown up as US citizens in immigrant families) are inclined to abort their female fetuses for cultural reasons.  Whether they’ve been doing it because they truly don’t want to bother with bearing girls, or they’ve been forced by abusive spouses or parents (or siblings) to abort those pesky girl babies, it’s a chilling reminder of two things:  (1) the world no longer has borders so evil migrates easily and (2) ‘choice’ is getting much harder to defend.
And lest those stalwart abortion (oops, ‘choice’) supporters say this is just an exaggeration and American women would never choose to destroy a child because it’s an inconvenient gender, that’s beside the point.  The fact is, they have the right to do it, under Roe.  And frankly, I’m not too optimistic about their ability to choose wisely.