In the “truth is both stranger and more disgusting than fiction” department, a California prison psychologist faked being rape so she could get her husband to move to a ‘safer neighborhood.’
I guess I can’t blame her.  It seems that, these days, when someone claims that they’ve been raped or abused, most people tend to believe them without giving the accused the benefit of the doubt.  So the West Coast shrink had no reason to believe her little ruse would be discovered, just as the Duke stripper didn’t think she’d be exposed as a liar, just as the immigrant who accused DSK of raping her in a hotel room couldn’t have imagined people would question her story, just as the weathergirl in NY didn’t have a clue that the police might not believe her tale of being attacked by "big Hispanic guys."
Seriously, why would an educated lady who deals with prisoners and apparently understands the criminal mind suspect that she’d be doubted?
Because when you doubt that someone has been raped or abused, you are an apologist for rapists, pedophiles and all other manner of monsters.