Atheists say they don’t believe in the divine.  That’s fine with me, believe what you want, I have no problem knowing that when I die, there will be Someone waiting for me with open arms and that’s frankly all that matters.  Atheists can look forward to that big empty nothing at the end of their terrestrial voyages, and no one has the right to criticize, coerce or make fun of them for rejecting the afterlife.
But that pendulum swings both ways, and atheists have an equal obligation to respect the beliefs of others.  Some do.  Many don’t, including the recently deceased Christopher Hitchens who was so vitriolic in his approach to religion (mostly Christianity, but also Islam and some other spiritual flavors) that he savaged Mother Theresa in a famous display of literary vomiting.
But as I said, Hitchens is dead, so I’ll refrain from speaking ill of him.  Fortunately (at least in this context) Bill Maher is not.  So I have no problem whatsoever casting aspersions on that self-important pothead who never met a person of faith he actually liked, and who has made a career of vilifying religion and the religious.
He did it in his oh-so-hip and yet relatively sophomoric documentary “Religulous.”
He has done it on his shows, both the one that ABC cancelled because he praised the 9/11 Terrorists for their courage, as well as his current one on HBO.
There are a lot of people who hate Tim, from the so-called religious to those I prefer to call anti-theists (‘atheist’ doesn’t adequately describe the antipathy these people have for spirituality.)
The so-called religious get upset at public displays of faith, like the guy who wrote a letter to the editor in the Inquirer today comparing the Broncos QB a ‘Pharisee.’  Gotta give him credit for using the big words, I suppose.
But people like Maher just hate Tebow because he is an unabashedly good man who happens to credit God for his successes, for his grace, and for all of the things that make his life a work of value.
Maher may feel threatened by that, which is fine.  He’s a little man, in many ways (obvious to both God and his current girlfriend.)
But when it comes to attacking someone’s religion, he should keep his mouth shut.  His brain is the one inadequate organ he can easily hide.