I’m not really surprised that President Obama is touting his achievement in nabbing Osama Bin Laden.  He has that right, since it was momentous.  Of course, he has a tendency to pat himself on the back for bringing us all of that ‘hopey, changey stuff’ as Tina-Fey-channeling-Sarah-Palin might say.  He also has a very high opinion of himself, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to show the rest of the country (and the world) how wonderful he really is.
The man writes books.
The man goes on late night talk shows and schmoozes with the hipsters.
The man is funnier than Jimmy Kimmel (which is actually not hard to do these days.)
So again, why shouldn’t we give him his due for being in the right place at the right time when Seal Team 6 took out Enemy Bin One?
The thing that I find distasteful about the President’s “Look How Great I Am” campaign is not that he’s attacking Mitt Romney (it’s politics, after all) but that he’s a perfect example of what the Baby Boomer generation spawned.
Barack Obama, like me (we were born exactly five months apart) was raised in a world that catered to his every need.  We were all so special. The advertisers loved us.  Our parents told us we were exceptional.  We were at the vanguard of that wave of pampered, privileged puppies who never had to deal with the problems and privations that stymied our parents and grandparents. And most important, we took society along with us on our self-obsessed, egotistical ride.
The kids that followed, our kids, and grandkids, are worse than we ever were.
That’s why we have a President who did so little to merit election to the Oval Office and yet hoodwinked everyone into believing it was well-deserved.
That’s why we have able-bodied kids camped out on the sidewalk smoking cigarettes and begging for money (or maybe a Septa token.)
That’s why we have people suing to have entrance examinations and test standards made easier, less demanding, because getting the job or education we want is our ‘right.’
Because we’re  special. Just…because.
John McCain is from another generation.  He did more for this country than Barack Obama could ever hope to do in whatever remains of his charmed life.
And yet he was reluctant to have his campaign managers talk about his season in hell at the Hanoi Hilton on the campaign trail.
Come to think of it, Bob Dole rarely talked about how he got that withered arm.
Neither did Daniel Inoue.
And not having served in combat (or even the National Guard,) I have a feeling that even Bill Clinton would have been a little reticent to make political hay of dismantling Al Qaeda.
That’s why Barack Obama is different.  And that’s why I don’t blame him for his actions.
He just can’t help it.  As Janice Ian might say, he’s society’s child.