There is a man in China who is blind, but who sees with a clarity that shames so many 'sighted' Americans.  His name is Chen Guangcheng, and he's a self-taught lawyer who has waged a courageous battle against his country's 'one-child' policy.
That policy, which violates every principle of human dignity recognized by the civilized world (to which China does not belong) forces Chinese women to abort any child after their firstborn, doing what some in this country feel is justified:  controlling the population in order to conserve our precious and limited natural resources.
The fact that the most precious natural resource we have is our children is irrelevant, or at most annoying, to those who believe that abortion is a fundamental right.
Vice President Joe Biden once indicated that he 'understood' the one-child policy.  That was an amazingly tone deaf comment, even for this sad son of Delaware.
Most reasonable people understand that forcing a woman to sacrifice her fertility to the utilitarian desires of an oppressive and evil regime is grounds for rebellion, revolution and in the case of Chen Guangcheng, a grant of political asylum.
Hillary Clinton and our State Department are straddling a tightrope between what is right, and what is politically expedient.  They have not confirmed that this Chinese hero will be granted refuge in a country that says it cares about the rights of women.
And how do we know that it cares about women's rights?  Well, our President took great pains to defend the honor of a well-heeled Georgetown Law Student named Sandra Fluck was who was called a mean name by a radio host.  He telephoned her personally to make sure that the lady who described subsidized birth control as a 'fundamental right' could buy that IUD or those monthly pills with her head held high.
It's so good to know that this country puts such a high premium on the egos of women who don't want to pay for their own birth control.
It would be better to know that it cares even more about a man who has sacrificed his life, his safety and his family's future so that unborn women can be free from the bonds of tyranny.