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Recap: 'The Flash," episode 308, 'Invasion!'

Last night marked entry 2 in the 4-night CW cross-over event, "Heroes v Aliens". This was technically the first night because Supergirl just dipped its toe into the event with Barry and Cisco recruiting the Maid of Steel within the last 30 seconds of her episode, a scene repeated for our enjoyment on The Flash and thereby making the viewing of Supergirl on Monday night meaningless as far as staying in the loop with the cross-over event. So if you're not a fan of that show, you likely felt like you wasted 60 minutes of your life watching Samuel Jackson Capitol Card commercials  – but I digress.

Where to begin?  An alien ship crashes in Central City and at least a couple dozen armed "Dominators" infiltrate the city.  Leila, Queen-Mother of Argus, warns the Flash that they've faced them before and their intentions are likely hostile. The working theory is that the Dominators are here on reconnaissance, laying the groundwork for a full-fledged invasion of Earth.

Barry looks to assume his usual position as whipping boy but is reminded harshly by the guest-starring Green Arrow that he A) is not God and B) has no control over future events.  For the first time this season, I agree.  Barry is blameless in tonight's events.  Aliens could have arrived at any time, as they already have on other Earths.  One benefit to Barry's multiverse exploits though, is that - when his Earth is threatened by Aliens - he now knows an alien he can turn to for help - a/k/a Supergirl.  He calls on his Star City friends and his "big gun" to aide in his Dominator debacle.

Unfortunately, they were not able to save the president.  The team, sans Flash and Green Arrow, falls into a trap and gets themselves mind controlled.  Lucky that Barry & Oliver stayed behind, though I don't agree with the reason. Barry's secret message to the Legends from 2056 (Legends of Tomorrow? Get it? Thursdays on the CW) is uncovered by Cisco, who demands that Barry tell everybody what's going on because, as we learned last week, Cisco abhors keeping secrets.  Even though it had already been decided that Flashpoint should be tabled while more pressing matters are dealt with. Barry spills his guts. Apparently, Cisco is more in favor of exposing and embarrassing Barry than the greater good. Honestly, telling everybody helps nothing and it's not like Barry can tell every human in the world. So when will enough be enough, Cisco?

When we next see the rescue team, they're blazing up Central City and the Flash and Green Arrow have to stop them.  That's an Archer and a Speedster versus Supergirl, Firestorm, the Atom, White Canary, Heat Wave, Speedy and Spartan.  Can you say mismatch? Because that's where you are at Supergirl.  It doesn't take long for the duo to realize they won't survive long in this fight which prompts Wally to rush in to help.  This was his only option, from his perspective, and I can't fault him.  Let's face it - at this point in his 'power maturation', he's compelled to help every cat stuck in a tree and Flash and Arrow needed a hand.  Wally was turning the tide in their favor until Supergirl showed back up. Once she arrived, he was hemmed up real quick.  Thank you, Barry for the quick thinking of using your big gun to take out the mind-control device.  A team is a great support system however, if Barry is smart enough to create an A.I. (Gideon), then I think it's time he came up with some of the bright ideas to defeat his enemies and other obstacles, letting up on the Cisco-H.R. crutch.

This episode was everything I hoped it would be.  I cannot wait for Arrow tonight to see the Dominating times roll on.  But one thing escaping everyone's attention is that Barry, in his future message, says that Captain Hunter shouldn't be trusted when he arrives back in the time continuum; Barry translates this to mean that he shouldn't be trusted now.  That message was not sent until 2056, so there's 40 years that hasn't taken place yet. Why would the Flash assume that he's discussing Flashpoint instead of some other alternate timeline he created?

I doubt he would still be talking about Flashpoint 40 years later.  It's possible, but I highly doubt it.  Perhaps the Legends of Tomorrow episode this week will shed some more light on the matter.