We all know the benefits of exercise and following a more plant-based diet, but today's crazy schedules can make it hard to stick to healthy habits.

Fortunately, local wellness bloggers Kate Van Horn and Jess Baumgardner understand — and they want to help. The creative duo are behind brand new wellness event GOOD, which will be held Saturday, April 22 at SkyBox Events in Fishtown.

According to Jen Clark, strategic advisor for the festival, their goal was to emphasize that wellness can be easy and that you don't have to be perfect to achieve the good life.

"The lifestyle is possible. It really is a mindset," Clark said.

Clark, Van Horn and Baumgardner know the importance of having a support network when you're embarking on healthy lifestyle changes, but they recognize isn't always easy to find friends who share your passion for all things wellness. GOOD is the perfect place for these likeminded to meet.

"A lot of friends we grew up with are not into wellness, so we would end up randomly meeting like-minded people at events and classes," said Baumgardner, who is also a certified holistic health coach.

Van Horn and Baumgardner first met through social media. They met Clark at a juice bar where she worked.

On the inspiration for the festival, Van Horn, the writer behind the popular blog Kaleinit.com said, "It felt like an event that the city needed, to celebrate the Philly wellness community."

Van Horn described the day the event as "part fun and part great content, for an amazing day." The day will be very "content driven" with speakers and tangible tips. Van Horn and Baumgardner want participants to go home feeling energized and inspired to continue your wellness journey.

Here's what you can expect: Morning workouts will be courtesy of Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga & Pilates instructor and Jordan Younger, founder of the Balanced Blonde, author of Breaking Vegan. Cassandra Bodzak, meditation guru, author, founder of Aprecity.com, will lead the group meditation/visualization. Later cookbook author Jessica Murnane will be discussing how to incorporate more plants in your diet and Katie Dalebout, author, host of Let It Out Podcast, will lead a journaling workshop. For a full list of speakers, click here.

Lunch will be provided by Snap Kitchen and cold brew coffee by Saxby's.

Baumgardner said that GOOD has received such a positive response that VIP and GA tickets are already sold out. You can still score a sweat-free ticket – everything minus the Pilates and yoga class — at their website: thegoodfest.com/tickets.


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