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Philly: Hawk Central???

The two red-tailed hawks nesting on a ledge of the  Franklin Institute -- and lately, their three young -- have been the city's ornithological celebrities in recent weeks. No doubt, it has a lot to do with the webcam that's given watchers an eyeful of their every move.

But the folks at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania want us to know THEY have hawks, too.  The parents nested on a ledge in the corner of the White and Ravdin buildings, reports Chris Ganister, Department of Surgery Systems Administrator, University of Pennsylvania Health Systems.

His office is just across from the nest, and he's been photographing the two adults and the two young they hatched.

Ganister says the youngsters haven't flown yet; although they spend a lot of time these days running along the ledge and flapping their wings. He says the best places to see them from the ground are just south of 34th and Spruce, or from 34th and Civic Center Boulevard.