On this quiet day in the statehouse, where nary a creature is stirring - not even a mouse - The Associated Press is moving a pretty interesting story about how the House Democratic caucus has refused a request from their former #2 guy, Mike Veon, to have taxpayers foot his legal bills in the ongoing Bonusgate investigation.

As most people reading this already know, Veon, a former state representative from Beaver County, was indicted this last summer with 11 others on charges that he participated in a vast conspiracy to use taxpayer resources and money for campaign purposes.

According to the AP story, Veon's attorney, Bob Del Greco, sent a letter to House Democratic leaders earlier this month demanding that the caucus pay Veon's already accrued legal expenses and "all future attorney fees and related expenses consistent with its custom and practice of paying legal fees for House members and staff over the last two decades."

But Majority Leader Todd Eachus (D-Luzerne) quickly nixed that idea, telling the AP: "It's a slam dunk. "I think people expect me as a leader and the House Democratic caucus to be stewards of their tax dollars. Paying for liability exposure or legal exposure for former members of the House would be an unwise way to spend their tax dollars."

Translation: Get a job.

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