"I am going to write in red marker all day, because apparently black is not intimidating enough..." [DKNY PR GIRL® on twitter @dkny]

With 360K+ followers and a constant stream of hilarious updates, the mysterious voice behind the DKNY brand decided to come clean this past weekend. DKNY PR GIRL is in fact, Aliza Licht, SVP of Communications at Donna Karan International. In a youtube revelation video, the quintessential New York-based, fashion PR maven admits that she is "addicted to twitter."

Licht has done wonders for DKNY by inserting a fresh, youthful perspective to the brand's external image. Other fashion companies that utilize social media strategies involving "insiders" include Berfdorf Goodman (@Berfdorfs) and Barneys NY (@BarneysNY). However, DKNY leads the pack as the prototype fashion personality, which is one reason why Licht has triple the amount of followers than the other two.

Below: Watch Aliza scramble around as she prepares for Donna Karan's shows in September.